Veronica Campigotto, Sara Peretti & Teresa Tognazzi

Venice / Italy


T: I come from a town at the foot of a mountain and a few minutes from the city (Brescia), a good mix of young and old, nature and the city. I’ve always lived there but traveled a lot. After enjoying a student’s life in Bologna for a year, I found myself “reclusive” in Treviso, the IUAV was the only flash of youth in the city. I have always been introverted, I listen a lot and I speak little, in the three years I spent at the IUAV I learned to express myself through the project. After the BA I took a “break from fashion” but after two years the desire to start again came forward and to know that the university had moved to Venice and convinced me to try again. I have only good memories of Venice, I’ve known her since I was a little girl, my father used to take us to every Architecture Biennale, I spent New Years there and I fled there whenever Treviso became too suffocating; once again, it did not disappoint my expectations.
S: I lived in a soap bubble in the province of Turin until the end of high school, making the janitors who every day found my bench covered with scribbles to clean up crazy. On the day I gave all the professors the happy illusion that a future in medicine awaited me, instead I had already been registered for months at the entrance test for IUAV. This is how my adventure began between the university microcosm and the sleepless nights of work: here the dark circles are worn with pride. I continued my studies as a teacher because I knew I was not yet ready to abandon the possibility of carrying out my own projects but in the end I discovered that working together with very distant personalities can give an energy that is addictive … we love each other, and we learns how to make things together.
V: I was born and raised in Veneto, in Feltre, and at 18 I left to study fashion design at the Politecnico di Milano, almost without knowing what “Fashion” was. With a good dose of luck and commitment, it started to “fittarmi” (to fit [EN]: dress well on). After the BA I decided to return to my “homeland” and enroll in the master’s degree at the IUAV of Venice, a traumatic change, geographically speaking. The classmates of the right ones were enough to make my experience at the IUAV a very good story. Among these, Sara and Teresa, even though they have got me a little fed up now.


“What the party really is it, it’s impossible to say. You can only show it. That coexistence of solemnity and play, of tradition and derision, of religion and transgression, of exaltation and introspection, of remembrance and license, of corporeality and spirituality, which is the essence of the festive phenomenon cannot be grasped from the words.” Marino Niola

We started with family photographs found in the attic and in long-closed drawers. Strange characters stood out from the groups portrayed in black and white and in color: the comunicanda, the nun, the devil, the plague, Gino “the longest in the class”, …; disharmonious extras proceed elegantly in their party dress. Ritual observation of codes. Gesture is a mask for returning yourself; dresses disguised as dresses.


“Whoever does three is stronger”, LOL ”

Image courtesy of Veronica Campigotto, Sara Peretti & Teresa Tognazzi.

Photo: Nicola Novello

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