Valentina Cipriani

Florence / Italia


I am a freelance photographer and videomaker specializing in music. I got into photography relatively late, around the age of 25. After graduating with a degree in Media and Journalism, I attended a photography school, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I realized this would become my job. I love documentary and reportage photography, so documenting backstage music is my favorite aspect of my work. I like to seek out an intimate narrative beyond the spotlight. I place a lot of importance on the human side of my work, I like to connect with the people I photograph and establish a relationship of mutual trust. Often with the people I photograph we become friends, or at least we stay in touch.

A few years ago I approached the videomaking and realize mainly music videos and live reports. The video, although it has points in common with photography, uses a different language and this allows me to express myself at 360 degrees.

I recently opened a blog where I talk about music photography, it’s called Rock’n’Shoot.


For the photos I am mainly inspired by the musician. For me it is fundamental to get to know him before the shoot and establish a relationship of empathy and mutual trust. 

I try to understand his style and character, I listen to his proposals and then together we develop an idea. I do a lot of research and let myself be inspired not only by the world of photography, but also by art and cinema. For example, since I started shooting videos, my photos have also taken a more cinematographic slant.

As far as video clips are concerned, the inspiration comes mainly from music. When I have to work on a song, I immerse myself in it completely, letting my imagination travel and building mental films. Then I do a lot of research, I try to watch a lot of video clips, movies, documentaries. Sometimes my inspiration comes from reading a book. Anything that makes the mind travel and trains the eye to develop an aesthetic taste is an excellent source to drink from to create something new.


Thinking only about the present. The past and the future do not exist and serve only to live with regrets and frustrations. Obviously I am not saying that we should be irrational fools, an eye to the future should always be thrown, but without making us too conditioned. If I make a decision based on these assumptions I know that in the future I will not regret it, because I will know that when I made it it was the right thing for me at that moment.

Image courtesy of Valentina Cipriani.

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