Valentina Olivetti

Milan / Italy


I was born on October 20, 1991 in Cremona, Libra with ascendant Gemini. Two double signs … maybe I have too many personalities! I first attend the scientific high school where I discover my passion for humanistic subjects and where my love and interest in art develops. So I decided to attend the three-year university in fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, and then continue and finish my studies with the two-year, MA in Visual Arts and Fashion at the IUAV University of Venice, where I graduate at the end of March 2018 with a nice 110/110 cum laude. The two years spent and lived in Venice were the most intense and the most beautiful of my life! Now I find myself in the real metropolis of Italian fashion: Milan.


My final collection was presented as a conclusion of my Master and was chosen to show at Fashion at Iuav 2017 – Graduation Show. The final collection workshop was conducted by the teacher and designer Fabio Quaranta. Le Temps Revient: the title of the collection borrows the motto of the Broncone by Lorenzo di Piero de ‘Medici, called Lorenzo il Magnifico. The starting point is Twentieth Century Men, a book of images created by the German photographer August Sander. Through his portraits Sander was able to offer a photographic panorama of social types of Weimar Germany, between 1919 and 1933.

I chose eight photos taken from this book, an image for each outfit I made. I chose the shots that most impressed me through a piece of clothing, a flower, a tapestry, an armchair. All the photos are strictly in black and white and hence my desire to insert many colors that represent my self. So I decided to manipulate these images and through enlargements I focused on the details that interested me more like the men’s clothing, from which I started to create a contemporary collection for women. I took inspiration for the manipulation of these photos also from the work of the artist Merve Özaslan. In particular I took inspiration from one of her projects: Natural Act, a collection of creative collages (in pop way) in which the photographer blends black and white vintage photos with natural color elements. Among the outfits in the collection there is a gown-dress where the male-inspired gilet is an integral part of the female dress. A boxer overalls, made feminine by a flounce resting on the waist. A long oversized coat, always inspired by men, in contrast with the lightness of the crop top and the mono-strap skirt.


“Life has four senses: Loving, Suffering, Fighting and Winning. Those who love suffer, those who suffer struggle, those who struggle wins. Love a lot, suffer a little, fight a lot and always win, “said the great Oriana Fallaci. This is my mantra.

Image courtesy of Valentina Olivetti.

Ph: Petra Errico, Model:Greta Gretchen, Mua: Jona Isufi

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