Valentina Dentello / I’MbroideRED

Bologna / Italy


Let me introduce myself, I am Valentina, a girl who lives in a small town near Rovigo. The country side has always played an important part in my life, the paradise that surrounds me, it is often the refuge from my thoughts and my fears, at times, very noisy. Defining myself is particularly difficult for me, as I consider myself an oxymoron; in me, in my thoughts, the opposites and the unthinkable coexist. And it is for this reason that I felt the need to abandon my philosophy studies to make a leap in the dark, the one that saved me, was attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. There I started to be.That vortex of opposites began to take shape and become concrete. My thoughts, my ideas were now and all had different bodies.Only on one thing I managed to be consistent: embroidery. My biggest passion. It brought me back to slowness. I return the value instantly, in a world like mine where everything clashes, everything is fast, where I immediately want to see the end of things, here I have to breathe and only after a thousand points, only after hours, only after days, I begin to see what I have created, I begin to see myself, because there, in those points there is me. I portray faces, I write about them, using only red, the only color that makes me talk about myself and then, I am more and more convinced that that red thread has kept me alive..


My small and intimate collection is called I’MbroideRED, the name I now use to sign myself, a name that embodies the concept of my project. Where in English “embroidery” is the art of embroidery, I have taken the liberty of playing with it by highlighting the I AM embroidered with RED. I’m in these clothes, I’m an extension of myself.

When they were produced, I had come to the end of a journey that took part of my life and that I should have left behind, and at that moment I would have been marked by nostalgia and by periods of doubt and uncertainty, and in my mind I continued to yell at me: “who will I be tomorrow?” I tried to “block” myself in my clothes, I wanted to use them as my certifications of existence, there is not one that does not talk about me: my love story, my bonds, my constraints, my fears. And like a craftsman I created them from scratch, hand-embroidering word after word, face after face, choosing a fabric that would make the body shine through but at the same time make red prevail, my experience, myself. I always have that one certainty, I am embroidered.


“If you can’t, then you must do it!”

Image courtesy of Valentina Dentello / I’MbroideRED.

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