Stefano Lattante

Milan / Italy


I was born in Milan but I have always felt detached from this city. I don’t really know why, but it’s been like that ever since I can remember, but I’ve always come back, and that must mean something though. After graduating, I decided to leave and travel the world, without a precise plan or a real destination, precisely because I felt the need to see something new and different. Traveling for me has meant living different lives, allowing me to see the world through different perspectives. This is related to my passion for photography, which, however, was born only during my last trip just over two years ago to India and Nepal, where I took a camera in my hand for the first time and, since then, I try to take it with me whenever I can, trying to immortalize my very personal vision of reality.


I am mainly inspired by great photographers, but also by those who, like me, exhibit their work through the various platforms available. Of all the imaginable genres of photography, “street photography” is the one I feel most connected to, as I think it is the best way to tell the story of everyday life, which, sometimes due to haste, superficiality or simply because we are too busy with our commitments, we fail to appreciate as much as we should, thus etting slip moments of beauty that only trained eyes can capture.

Especially at a time like this, street photography is an alternative and much closer way to tell the story of what is really going on in the streets, which we will probably only realise in a few years’ time. Movies and books are also a great way to get inspired and imagine new situations. I personally write a lot – another great passion of mine that has also led me to write a novel – and I try to use the language of photography to be able to communicate where words would not be enough to describe a moment. Finally, long walks in the middle of nature – preferably accompanied by good music – is a great way to get new ideas, whether they are related to photography or to life in general.


I don’t think I’m exactly the right person to give advice, for at least a million reasons that I won’t list here, but I’ll leave a little pill that I try – and hope – to follow one day: a failure will always hurt less than a regret. So let yourself be carried away by your passions, without thinking about the consequences, because it is our passions that really make us live.

Image courtesy of Stefano Lattante.

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