Sofia Callegaro

Venezia / Italia


They always said to me that what we are depends half from our family and the rest the environment in which we live. We are the sum of these two components and I choose to combine them with fashion. In summer camps while the other children were having fun with sports, I was learning embroidering. At home, my grandmother gave my hand crochet and she said always to me “by that you will becomes a good lady”. Maybe they’re not just become a “good lady”, but I never abandoned this way. So after realizing that scientific studies do not belong to me, I’m back to fashion and I enrolled at IUAV in Venezia. Maybe now I will become a “good lady”.


Toy Story is the final project of my university career where contage ( “contagion” between stories, tools and techniques, which together create unique and original stories), meaning my mindset, built every element of the design, from the illustration, looking up the prints, colors, pattern and volumes. From a reflection on my internship experience in Spanish fashion house of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, I recognized how I was affected by the surrealist philosophy of the designer. I thought about how the frequently resorted surrealism in my projects and I looked for a way to apply it in the strongest terms to my project.

The Surrealism is the process by which we try to reach a higher reality. the automatism means: breaking the wall with inhibitions so that the brain is free to roam the free associations of images and ideas. The free association of ideas is the method through which I constructed the narrative of the collection. Surrealism – Agathacolors-colorbloking- Michael Craig- game- infancy circumstances cowboy- caos- Keiichi Tanaami. All these elements are intertwined to form the collage that is the story of my collection.


“Eery cockroach is good to his mom”.

Image courtesy of Sofia Callegaro.

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