Simone Brillarelli

Milan / Italia


Hi, I’m Simone Brillarelli, born in Florence in 1982. I live and work between Milan and Rome as a visual artist.

I express myself through painting and animation, which I lend to both purely artistic projects, music and advertising. I started my career playing electronic music in the trio “A Smile for Timbuktu”, with several albums and European dates. The next step was to create a record label called “Fresh Yo!”, with which I produced about 20 records as artistic director and talent scout, working with artists such as Godblesscomputers, Aquarama, Nularse, Funk Rimini, Go Dugong and many others. Given my strong love for music, my activity has increasingly specialized in the creation of video clips, cover artwork, visuals for live performances, developing a personal style that layers elements of reality, pictorial elements, and writing. For the past couple of years my work has been focused on portrait series: first #FamilyPortrait, a large family composed of strangers, then #Soultrait, the simplification of the outward appearance to investigate the soul.

At the moment I’m working on salvaged objects that I call “Memory Objects”: furniture and furnishings that I buy second-hand and decorate with flowers and signs: a simple act that enhances and helps write a new piece of their history. 


It’s a really complex question, because much of what surrounds us we absorb without even realizing it. 

Clearly, inspiration starts with studying the classics and then specializing in something that strikes a chord with us.

But when it comes to creating, my process is to make a clean slate as much as possible and not to think too much about what I’ve seen or heard, but to work on the spur of the moment, going with my feelings. The final work will be an unconscious elaboration of the experiences, the travels, the works I have seen, the people I have met, the discussions I have had. Sensitivity is the key to access. The right balance between meditative immobility and compulsive action, the modus operandi. Time, the only element that can tell us what we are doing.


I am a lucid person when it comes to organizing my work, which I prepare meticulously. I’m not a clear-headed person when it comes to tackling it, because I think a little bit of craziness and leaving things to chance makes everything more interesting.

Image courtesy of Simone Brillarelli.

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