Silvia Palmeri

Milan / Italy


I was born in Vercelli, a city that has always felt too small for me, located between Turin and Milan. I’ve always dreamed big. I think I have always known that the world of fashion would have been my path, since when I was a child I cut all my mother’s Elle and Vogue magazines to make collages and create my personal paper dolls. But with fashion I also have a controversial relationship, always. I love and hate it at the same time. I love the strength with which it manages to convey important messages but I hate the idea of frivolity that sometimes transpires. During my career in IED I really understood how much fashion is the interpretation of a time, how closely it is linked to what surrounds us. The way fashion can unite us is impressive.


My collection start from a reflection on our society, in which everyone wants to be different, original, but when they find themselves in front of something really different they are frightened of it, they scoff at it to defend themselves … or because they admire it too much. This is why I took Tod Browning’s film Freaks as my starting point.

The monster is judged as such because of its physical conformation, which becomes a reason for prejudice and anxieties, as if the external state should necessarily reflect the internal one. I wanted to focus precisely on this, on the sense of strangeness and disturbance that people perceive towards these individuals to whom, through this collection, I would like to try to pay homage, accentuating their diversity through fabrics, wearability and strong colors. To highlight diversity. To make their weakness a strength.


If in doubt, it is better to exaggerate.

Image courtesy of Silvia Palmeri.

Photo: Giambattista De Giorgis

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