Renata Gaeta



Ascending balance twins: harmony, curiosity and communication.
Too many personalities to express to use only words!
Ever since I was a child I have always liked photographs, the walls of my room are full of them, but it was only in 2014 that a real passion was born.
It was a shy approach; in the early days I tended to photograph landscapes or small details, in short, exclusively the inanimate world, until I discovered the way.
The perspective has completely changed: a myriad of things that you had never paid attention to before start to jump out at you, you accumulate bits of amazement at every corner, you realize how much of your life you had left out because you were immersed in the daily frenzy.
You learn to look and feel, you train patience and reflexes. You puff for the picture you just lost and smile when you meet the eyes of those who realize they have been targeted.
In summer, with sunny days and people crowding the beaches, photography is even more exciting. All around, a light-hearted light-heartedness is combined with a veiled nostalgia that becomes difficult to overlook. Unexpected moments that strike you.
For my shots, I prefer black and white, despite being an extremely colourful person, perhaps too much so, when it comes to clothing! It is black and white that gives my photos a soul and it is only with black and white that a part of me blends perfectly with what I have chosen to immortalise. My emotions are in black and white.


It tends to be the important people in my life who give me the most encouragement. Comparison with them is always helpful and I am always grateful for that.

Often, then, I take what I am looking for, what I need at a specific moment, from films or music or books: it is from these things that, many times, I draw and then photograph. In other cases, however, my source of inspiration is the road itself.
The objective, for now, is to dig deep, being able to capture moments that tell stories and spotaneity that releases emotions.


“La tendresse est comme l’eau: invincible.”
Borrowed, it reminds me that tenderness is not synonymous with weakness, but is the feeling of delicacy and empathy. Happy to have discovered it, I made it my mantra.

Image courtesy of Renata Gaeta.

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