Pierpaolo Lippolis

Venice / Italy


I was born in a country in the Apulian province, raised between women – my mother and my sisters – who have always loved to dress, talk about clothes and read fashion magazines. After attending high school, I said to myself that what interested me most was fashion journalism. So I initially decided to continue with literature and I attended classical letters in the Bologna University. But I never lost sight of fashion: I knew I wanted to dedicate myself after my three-year degree and so I did. I moved to Venice, where I still attend the master’s course in Visual Arts and Fashion at the IUAV University. The area that interests me most is the meeting point between fashion and literature, and from time to time I write fashion articles for online magazines.


My Archeologika project was actually born long before its actual realization for the final fashion design course at IUAV. During my years of study in Bologna, I had the opportunity to participate in two archaeological excavation campaigns in Pompei and Herculaneum. What impressed me was not only what I experienced, but also what I saw.

There was an aesthetic of the ancient, even at the very moment when the ancient was brought to light. I was fascinated by the clothes of archaeologists, the sense of confidence with the ruins, the way they moved. So, as soon as I had the chance, I dedicated myself to that aesthetic, unlinking the world of archeology a little from the philological and academic method with which I had studied it in university. In short, I wanted to talk about the ancient, the return, the contamination between the old and the new, so the materials used are half in knitwear or in heavy, woolly materials, and half waterproof and technical. My question was not: “can I make the past coexist with the contemporary in a collection?”, But rather: “how can I make this continuous dialogue concrete?”.


With one of my best friends, whenever we are about to do something important, we say to each other: be the ocean, which in our family lexicon means: think big, but also accept the storms you will encounter. It’s the closest thing to a lucidity pill I have at the moment.

Image courtesy of Pierpaolo Lippolis.

Photo: Leonardo Martines

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