Olimpia Macrì & Ylenia Fratto

Venice / Italy


We were both born in Chiaravalle Centrale in the Catanzaro province. March is a month that we consider particularly important, strange and even mystical. As it happens, we were both born on March 17th and March 31st, respectively. Almost all our friends, or subjects that we consider particularly interesting, both in everyday life and such characters, are almost always people born in March. Continuing our analysis, we discovered that we have both, within the context of close kinship, two pairs of twins born on the same day; to be one the first zodiac sign and the other the last, born exactly fourteen days apart (making the birthday always the same day of the week) and born both with ten days late compared to the set time. At the end of all this we are also BBFs. Coincidence?


BARRACUDA. This is the name of our collection, which derives from a sort of imprinting that took place on the Venice lagoon, when a boat named Barracuda overtook us, and then dispersed into the sunny horizon.

The collection is a set of meanings and objects taken from our subconscious, without a linear story. Each outfit represents a different meaning, the thread that unites everyone is the absurd taste without logical sense. The stories behind each outfit have been conceptually structured by unifying subjects or situations from our innermost memory. An exploration of the hidden side of our psyche, where images, emotions and thoughts overlap and reappear accidentally and inexplicably. In the infinity of your thinking, there is no time, there is no tradition and there is no condition, there are only references to your subconscious.


The quotationist language.
The queen of all our quotes:
“L’omm’ ca po fa a meno ‘e tutt’ cos’ nun ten’ paura ‘e nient’!”

Image courtesy of Olimpia Macrì & Ylenia Fratto.

Photo Valeriya Polivanova

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