Niccolò Fontanelli

Florence / Italy


I was born in Empoli on August 17, 1995. I have always felt attracted by the world of fashion, even my mother still keeps my first figurines drawn at the time of kindergarten, from then on I filled notebooks, books and even vocabularies of Greek and Latin at the high school where I graduated. I grew up in Castelfiorentino, a very small town in the province of Florence. No one in my family has ever worked in fashion but they always taught me to admire “the beautiful” in all its forms and surfaces. I spent whole afternoons looking at my grandmother Irma’s paintings and contemplating the mastery and care of my grandmother Imola with whom she worked as an ironer. In 2015 I enrolled in the fashion design course at Polimoda where I was finally able to understand, live and experience my creativity first-hand, crowning the fourth year of my dream of being part of the Polimoda fashion show. Now I live in Milan, I’m doing an internship at Gucci, I’m trying to enjoy this wonderful experience to the fullest by taking advantage of every teaching.


It is well known that when you are small you want to be big and when you grow up you want to be small again… During this rather complicated year for me, full of problems and stress, I had in my hands a booklet that my mother used to read to me at the beach when I was 6 years old and suddenly I found myself catapulted into those pleasant feelings of lightheartedness and harmony.

So I decided to unite two completely opposite worlds: that of childhood represented by Bosco di Rovo and that of the present, impersonated by the figure of the businessman always running between a thousand appointments. I played with the form of the diary, the illustrations in the books, the silhouette of my grandfather’s suit to give life to this unconventional dimension that wants to bring everyday reality back into Boscodirovo’s world. My collection talks about stress pollution and urban pollution that contrast with the idyllic places and uncontaminated countryside that are the scenarios of Jill Barklem’s illustrations. Those little mice have taught me a lot, they have given me good feelings but above all the importance of manual work without using digital technologies, for this reason my garments are handmade, the jackets follow classic tailoring techniques and the embroideries go to embellish the knitwear I woven by myself.


Observe unknown corners while travelling.
Watching people and their stories.
Observing emotions: the visible and the invisible.

Image courtesy of Niccolò Fontanelli.

Photo: Pernille Stockmal, Styling: Cmailla Carigi

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