Leonardo Taddei

Florence/ Italia


Hi, I’m Leonardo and I really like that statement that sees poetry as a windy garden and the poet as a fly trying to cross it. I like to see myself this way as a photographer, in an aerial dance corrupted by the wind, where intention and context influence each other reciprocally and circularly. Photography has always existed within me and came out when the ground became fertile.


It’s the phrases echoing in my head that for some reason get trapped there. I am a very distracted person who has a hard time paying attention to anything for too long. I therefore force myself to read, watch movies, and leave the house. What stays with me inspires me for a set amount of time.

The project I am sending you is called “This bird had flown.”

Slipping through an intrigue of emotions, wrapped in a blanket of confusing and chaotic thoughts, it seems the truth slips through your fingers like a handful of dust. The beginning and the end of one’s deceptions mingle in the cyclical nature of a babel that is always the same.

Carried by the winds of this abyss, we slip into the mists of our inner labyrinths and while we are busy losing our way, life reaches us like the light in the summer undergrowth, fragmented by a tangle of branches and leaves. In the labyrinth we are alone, chasing an answer that gets further away the deeper we go into the bowels of our living. “This bird had flown” speaks of bewilderment, of those who have left their footholds, of those who have gone off the track in search of an untrodden path and have lost their way, convinced that the meaning of the labyrinth will be clear only when, once out, they sit on the grass of the highest hills to observe what was our prison.


Tell me land: where is the precise point at which you stop being you and start being me?

Image courtesy of Leonardo Taddei.

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