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I am Florentine, but everyone speaks to me in English, perhaps because I have lived abroad for many years. I left when I was 15 for England and then I continued my studies in America at Cornell University. It was thanks to Cornell that I was introduced to a world I did not know – the world of Computer Science. I experimented with web design, created video games and worked with a 3D printer. This path made me realise that my dream was to combine the world of technology with that of craftsmanship and fashion. When I graduated in 2018 with Art and Computer Science, these two worlds hardly spoke to each other. During these 18 months at Covid, digital has grown in importance, and these two worlds are coming together more and more. After graduating I started working for a studio that was experimenting with virtual and augmented reality further deepening my passion for technology and innovation. But at the end of 2019 I wanted to change everything, I was nostalgic for paper, watercolours and a concrete reality not just digital. I had immersed myself in the world of technology for so many years and had left my passion for art behind.So in 2019 I returned home and rediscovered Florence: the shop signs, the San Pietrini, the innate friendliness of the Italians and the beauty of the arches. So slowly, coffee after coffee and chat after chat, my brand Lara began to take shape.  I resumed drawing details of Florence that in my eyes make it a unique city, I started looking for fabrics, talking to artisans. Although I have returned to a traditional and artisan world, my dream remains to combine Made in Italy with the modern language of technology.


I called my first collection Maledetti Toscani (Damned Tuscans). It’s the title of Curzio Malaparte’s book: a collection inspired not only by the iconic Florentine beauties but also by the day-to-day details that define us… cursed Tuscans.

“Tuscans have the habit of never greeting anyone first, not even in Paradise. And this, even God knows. You’ll see that he’ll greet you first.”


When I started Lara, I wanted everything to be perfect all the time – for example, I waited a year to do the Instagram page, telling myself I didn’t have enough strong content, the same requirement applied to every component of my business…But perfection doesn’t exist, as the dictionary says more eloquently than I do: “perfect leads back to the Latin perfectio, and “perfect” comes from perfectus. In turn, these words come from perficio – ‘to finish’, ‘to bring to an end’. ‘Perfection’, therefore, literally means ‘completion’ and ‘perfect’ – ‘accomplished’.
So one thing I always push myself to do and throw myself into what matters is to work hard.

Image courtesy of Lara.

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