Greta Moroni

Milan / Italy


I took the path in fashion a little bit by chance, following my instinct, I’m not sure I pursued a passion but I’m glad I found myself in the world of fashion; as ephemeral as it may seem today I feel part of a positive change. When I discovered that the fashion industry is the most polluting sector in the world after oil, I started to be interested in ethical and sustainable fashion, transporting this way of thinking not only in my work but also in my lifestyle. Sustainability is becoming a must in order to guarantee the needs of our society and not deny them to the future; I feel responsible for the choices I make every day and I think everyone should be. At school I have always liked technical subjects, geometry, mathematics, technical drawing; hence my interest in model making. After finishing high school in a professional fashion school I attended the Istituto Secoli with a course focused on women’s model making, here I learned how to design collections starting from research, drawing paying particular attention to the technical part, designing passing from hand model making to CAD and meticulously making the garments. When I finished my studies in 2017 I understood what my path was, so I took part with my project at the first china shenzhen ecologic fashion design contest; at the same time I started an internship as an assistant teacher of fahion design at Istituto Secoli, starting collaborations as a designer. In order to give a sense of completeness to my work and to combine both the creative and the realization phases, I started a new work path as a freelance modeler. I continue to study and update myself especially in the field of sustainability, in the meantime with the idea of contributing to environmental awareness I continue to design sustainable and innovative garments.


“Freedom to walk on the flowerbeds” title and example, ironically enough, of the absurdities of our everyday life. The collection born from the tiredness to observe this society, from the desire to want to live in a better place.

The discomfort of the modern world and the absurdities of everyday life are told with applications of shots with a provocative tone and social denunciation; big knots hold together different parts of the garments, ribbons pass through buttonholes that according to their colors create different effects and shapes, the garments worn in a “wrong” way go against social conventions. Trousers worn as sweaters, sweaters worn as bags, bags that become trousers, trousers worn as skirts, skirts used as jackets. Freedom to use the garments as you like, stretching, shortening, widening, tightening. The garments become a voice of contrast to the society of consumerism and the definition of fashion itself allowing you to have a reduced wardrobe.
The transformability is present in every collection, making the garments extremely versatile. The fabrics are natural and sustainable like linen, hemp, organic cotton and cupro, while the internal stickers in collaboration with Freudembreg are made by recycling post-consumer plastic bottles.
It is impossible not to notice the labels on the garments, enlarged to remind us that all the garments are made in an ethical and sustainable way. The aim is to help raise people’s awareness of environmental issues by sending positive messages.


Never think about what you don’t want, because that’s what will happen; what you think now is creating your future.

Image courtesy of Greta Moroni.

Photo: Amalia Iordache

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