Greta Cioppi

Florence / Italy


My name is Greta, I am 24 years old and I come from Florence. I am a photographer and I love to tell people with an intimate, delicate and sharp look. I graduated from the LABA in Florence with a project on self-portraiture, focusing on its cathartic and therapeutic function. I like to think that photography is not just about the ‘nice shot’ or the perfect composition, for me it is something deeper…almost visceral. In many moments it has been a lifeline, allowing me to catch my breath and feel free, accepted, understood. I don’t know if I have chosen photography or if it has chosen me, but it allows me to give voice to thoughts that often remain unspoken, thoughts that hide silently in my head and wait for the right moment to come out and manage to free themselves through images, characterised by a strong aesthetic research.


My main source of inspiration is people, when I meet someone I observe them carefully and if I feel the urge to tell or create something I know I am on the right track. I am a lover of stories, images, colours, sounds and smells.

I grew up in a family where stories are art and they have always allowed me to travel a lot with my mind and consequently look for the best way to express myself. Another fundamental source of inspiration for my vision is fashion. When I think of a project, I imagine the subject within the context to which it belongs, immersed in an aesthetic that belongs to me. The search for colours, combinations and style is fundamental for me.


I tell myself not to compare my vision to that of others. Everyone has something to say and does it in a precise, unique, often unrepeatable way. My vision can never be the same as someone else’s, so I try to let myself be carried away more by what I feel under my skin, in my gut. Being authentic in a society that would like to create copy and paste is exhausting, but at the same time it allows those who, like me, still believe in it to continue to fight. To continue creating art because it makes us feel alive, not because we have to prove to someone that we are better than others.

Image courtesy of Greta Cioppi.

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