Giulia Bonora

Varese / Italy


I am Giulia Bonora, born in Varese in 1998. My favourite game when I was a child was “hunting for wonderful objects”: I used to collect stones, plants, flowers, seeds and various objects from nature. I observed every little detail of what I found and I liked to combine colours and shapes. As I grew up, I realised that I wanted to continue playing this wonderful game in my life. I started to take pictures as if I were painting a picture, looking for symmetries and colours that go well together, let’s say the photographer is the best hunter of wonders. I asked various people who struck me at first sight to pose for me and I posed as a model for a photographer myself, putting myself in the shoes of someone standing in front of a lens. Light then became my brush. I attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and studied photography there, which was also useful, but never as useful as putting my hands to work! The world of photography sweeps over me like a tornado, it is a means to learn about everything, the perfect profession for the curious. Today I’m working on a project called “LIMBS”, a collection of portraits of artists from the province of Varese, and I collaborate with various creative people on various artistic projects.


My sources of inspiration are too many! I mean, I love art and I love going to museums and meeting new people, so my brain is a puzzle of images.

While studying and watching different documentaries about photography, I discovered several photographers who really stole a piece of my heart, such as Gian Paolo Barbieri, Toni Thorimbert and Ferdinando Scianna. However, those who have inspired me the most are my friends and the various people I meet by chance, perhaps in a bar having a beer or at an exhibition. The truth is that in my brain are created mixtures of ideas drawn from different experiences that I live and see, I happen to have apparitions in my mind and sbaaaam I have to realize them.


For a photographer it is more important to have good shoes than a good camera. Salgado
I also always tell myself that anything is possible if you really believe in it.

Image courtesy of Giulia Bonora.

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