Giunia Guerrera

Naples / Italy


I have become more and more aware of how much my roots influence my creativity. One day I was around Naples with an American friend of mine, and she told me that she had the feeling of walking through the pages of my sketchbook. Like this I understood where the womb of my projects was. My conflictual relationship with my city has turned into a love story of which I am deeply grateful. A similar path I did it with my creativity. I have always felt a link with art, but I never thought I was the artist. When I had to choose which studies to undertake, however, there was no more instinctive response. In my childhood I was harboring inspirations and passions, it was rooted within me an aesthetic taste defined by all the information I had around. When I accepted that fashion became my path, all this information became reality.


My collection tells a woman who lives in a liquid and hedonistic society and is forced to face ephemeral relationships, keep her humanity intact despite the symbiosis with the smartphone, and to fight against the triumph of the ideals.

This is the story of a woman who faces the crisis of identity and values ​​of the Western world, where the only measure to measure social recognition is visibility at any cost. I draped and constructed forms that extend out of the body to challenge the will to be seen that annihilates private life. In this historical period the anonymity is unbearable and we witness a metamorphosis of the emotions that I tried to reflect in my bosses. I used brass objects, emblematic symbols for the collection, which no longer have the value of the past but represent the collapse of the values ​​we are experiencing, and the compulsive accumulation of objects and clothes – the things that make us desirable and that become immediately obsolete.


Always be curious and open to getting to know each other more deeply, do not doubt your skills and be brave because every moment is the beginning to build wonderful things.

Image courtesy of Giunia Guerrera.

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