Ahoy Strangers! I’m GIBO. I was born in Florence, I studied Engraving at the School of Art, then I moved to London where I studied Direction of Animation at the London University of the Arts.  My first job was at Passion Pictures shortly after graduation and the following year I was hired by the BBC for Editorial Illustration.

Now freelancing, having established clients such as the BBC, Sony, Spotify and any other client that has something interesting for me to work on; drawings, gifs, animations, explainers, music videos, comics, designs for fashion, patterns etc. I am always open to considering new creative experiences, meeting new people, go on adventures. I also teach the Motion Graphics course at the TheSign Academy.

I tend to choose only jobs that represent me, which I find very fulfilling. The rest of the time I spend it contemplating the world without being able to make much sense of it. I try to live with enthusiasm, I stay humble and at times this has held me back practicing art but it sprouted in self understanding. I’ve done a fair share of solo travelling and I was happy to notice how whole that makes me feel. I live with many plants that I love, observe, nurture and study at my very best. Drawn stuff fascinates me a lot so I realised I wanna do that too. Also, I chose animation because the way drawn things move one after the other is alien and it’s exciting.


Visually, colors are one the main things for me. I think of something and then I start picking the colors that would go well for it.

I was always obsessed with Cinema, I get inspired by weird anime, movies and I often reference little details from those in my work, even in commissioned stuff, and it’s funny to think I’m the only one noticing them. Subcultures, graphics novels, the lo-fi aesthetic, space, plants and whatever I find to be interesting at the time will be portrayed at one point in my work. The discussions and experiences I have with friends and family and my solo trips are definitely cool writing material and I also spend a lot of time researching the vastness of the web. I like to be surrounded by stuff I like and vibe with it to create better work.

What I am trying to do through my work is to create visual streams of consciousness, giving space to the small things, show a deeper and melancholic view of life, having inevident positive messages, show my love for the apparent none-sensical, for the witty, creating atmospheres, making people smile, playing with cute stuff balancing everything with style and movement. Oh, and not being a burden to the planet. What I’ve worked on the most over the past few years is specialising in Animated Explainers for Broadcasting. The fact that I am given an article to work on by the client (a story) it’s not only super interesting but it also gives me the freedom to concentrate completely on the visual communication and I ended up loving this formula too.


Avoid stuff that lower your self esteem.

Image courtesy of GIBO.

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