Fabio Bigondi

Bologna / Italia


I was born and grew up in the suburbs of Bologna, in a neighborhood that many mistakenly considered as not very safe. In my class we were very few Italians, and there were children from many different countries. This enriched me a lot and allowed me to develop an almost maniacal interest towards different cultures, in particular those hundred-African, making me even want to come from those places. I’ve always been interested in fashion, I’ve been designing clothes since I was young and I dreamed of one day being able to make them.So after high school I chose to continue my journey at Polimoda in Florence.My four years of study allowed me to get to know the world of fashion, but above all to discover myself, develop my own personal style and, above all, my way of seeing things.


Every collection for me is a means of communication, a way to convey what I think of the world in which we live, trying not to be too obvious.“Sons of Guns” fully expresses the role that weapons have taken over time and especially what they have at this time.I started from war photos taken by Richard Mosse in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he used a particular filter that altered colors, making images very strong and sometimes raw, almost fairytale.

Very similar to what happens sometimes when you think of weapons as if they were something necessary, useful, sometimes even fun.I wanted to tell the reality, comparing apparently different cultures, but in this case they have many points in common. From Yemen to the USA, to the Congolese tribe “Pende Minganji”.Color is the common thread, the first items are dark and angular, but continuing the tones change and become more and more lively and iridescent, this to show the transition from reality to total illusion.


Do not judge what you do not know, take the opportunity to understand

Image courtesy of Fabio Bigondi.

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