Elisa Arlia

Milan / Italy


My name is Elisa Arlia and I am a young Fashion Designer just graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan. I grew up in a family of creative people, where the attitude of composing and inventing are the order of the day. I have always been attracted by the architecture and art that characterize my city, Cosenza, and I always thought that snooping through the alleys of the historic center would have led me to the discovery of some wonder. To this I have always added a passion for natural landscapes.


I felt the need to create a collection that was inspired by my origins. I focused on the figure of the storyteller, as an element that combines the folklore and the historicity of my land. My collection also wants to express a message of revolution. My protagonist is a witness of the uprising in the Melissa latifundium of 1949, where three peasants were killed by the police, guilty only of having fought for their rights.

This event becomes the turning point in her life, and from that moment she decided to spread, through her art, a message of social revolt and hope among the various countries of Calabria. I wanted my leaders to be the expression of the feeling of revolt against a wrong system that would bring with them the harshness of a life of abuse and at the same time transmit the strength and temperament of a rebel. The garments feature textile manipulations and hand-crafted work, in order to underline the craftsmanship of the product; some of the fabrics used are evidence of Calabrian textile production. The collection expresses the importance of enhancing what one’s own land produces, trying to avoid waste and creating responsibly.


“We must always look at things from different angles. And the world looks different.” Robin Williams.

Image courtesy of Elisa Arlia.

Photo: EDITH @edithdemichele

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