Eleonora Fiori

Milan / Italy


I’m Eleonora, I’m 36 years old and my career as a designer started about ten years ago in Milan, in fashion, working for an italian brand, Marni, which brought me to the knowledge of the jewelry world, especially necklaces. I have always loved art, design and architecture and my studies have always coincided with these passions: from art high school, to fashion school, to a course of interior and graphic design.

My love for bijoux is still alive today and it was realized in 2017 in my personal line of necklaces that I sell on the Etsy Marketplace.

The sphere of graphic design was born recently, even if it has grown in step with the development of the bijou line; I didn’t do a lot of studies, I learned everything from various work experiences in fashion and graphic design studios and especially by myself I learned how to use the programs. From here the illustration has made its way parallel to the jewelry because I make them interact in some way in a reality where they can live together; sometimes in the drawing appears the same element that we find in a necklace … and so on.


The illustration seen by me is a sort of collage of “elements” that can be of animal nature or absolutely abstract and geometric, mixing various elements with an order, a precise pattern I get a very two-dimensional style of drawing and not figurative at times zen but with pop colors and kitsch combinations. 

I am inspired by everything that is vintage, historical, like old Victorian postcards that had eccentric subjects, botanical drawings, various artists such as Luigi Serafini, Katharina Fritsch, John Baldessari, but also architects and designers like Le Corbusier or Ettore Sottsass. The search for inspiration is very complex as regards accessories, the elements that will compose the necklace, while in the design you can insert invented details, shape and color you want, in the jewel (in my case composed of recycled materials and old toys and vintage components). You have to find the right ones that reflect your style and work them, disassemble them and assemble them to recreate that “world” abstract/ vintage/ geometric you want to give to the bijou. The concept of creating the necklace as a story to tell is this: to find elements of different nature, work them and then make them coexist in a jewel.


If you can’t live it, draw it!

Do not create expectations and remain lucid!

Image courtesy of Eleonora Fiori.

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