Dante Leo Capasso

Florence / Italy


I spent my childhood in Salerno where I immediately needed to find a means of expression that would cling to me. I saw movies, I played, I read, I wrote, I tried to create my own aesthetic criterion. The thing I preferred most was to draw, always for gaming, drawing on the benches at school until my father gave me his old computer. As architect my father had some graphics programs installed on the computer. At ten years I fell in love with photoshop. When I finished high school, it was time to look for something to do, but also to find a way to express myself more. Something more dynamic, immediate, and powerful. So I chose to start from fashion, the one that (perhaps even naively) for me was a mix with art, philosophy, architecture, movement and utility. I moved to Florence and enrolled in Polimoda. Thanks to this experience, to this city and to the people I crossed along the way, I outlined my aesthetic taste and my own personal way of transforming concepts.


“Collettivo generativa anonima” is my third collection. It comes after a really emotional collection that sought to be the focal point of a sociological study of suicide and confluent in the studies of Émile Durkheim, then in those of Carlo Michelstädter, to question about the production of needs and the gap between society and individual. I needed evasion, a rebellion in a sense. So I started from what I was more in touch with,

Tekno music and how to find the rave at night in the dark in the forest. Studying the covers of vinyls in the nineties, I discovered Dextro’s work and I was interested in the need for anonymity in art to safeguard the meaning of the work, anonymous people, Luther Blisset, Wu Ming, The Knife, Bernard Roigh and, above all, generative art. “collettivo generativa anonima” is my first experiment of generative art.


“Take on chest” I said, from sleepwalking to a friend. she found it enlightening. More polished than this.

Image courtesy of Dante Leo Capasso.

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