Daniele Dainelli

Florence / Italy


Hi everybody, I’m Daniele Dainelli a street photographer based in Tuscany. In 2012 I accidentally bought my first Reflex and I immediately started to capture the beautiful scenery that my region offers. Sometime later I needed to take a more personal approach to photography and began to experiment in a deeper and more subjective way. I understood that the street offers a truly rare beauty that is uncommon in the eyes of those who do not observe it. I started to shoot keeping a certain distance from the scene and subjects while doing this I then realized that the rare beauty was unique to every single subject and thus my desire to explore it increased more and more. So, armed with flashes, I started to take portraits of unknown people and found it even more exciting to know their stories. In 2019 I self-produced the fanzine of my project about India “Struggle for Saints”.


I really like the photography of Bruce Gilden, Richard Sandler, Mark Choen, and Martin Parr because of how they cleared the rules of “classic” street photography of the 60s and 70s, their means of approaching the subject with courage and not only physically but also psychologically.

I have always admired this turning point, if you can call it that. I love buying photography books to discover new authors and new ways to shoot. Today, social networks are certainly an important source that allows us not only to discover new photographers but above all to have an exchange of ideas in real-time. If used in the right way these means can help you a lot to both learn and to make your art known. I think that calling yourself a photographer of a particular genre is a mista- ke. Sometimes labeling yourself can hold back new ways of observing and experimen- ting. We have to shoot what we like and in whatever way we want.


The thing that always pushes me further in my projects is the irrepressible desire to get as close as possible to the subject trying to understand and know their story. The beauty is in the streets, we keep our eye in continuous training! Usually, who carries on this type of photography has very few lucidity pills.

Image courtesy of Daniele Dainelli.

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