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Cinque55 is brand for women made by women. It is a new proposal of handmade earrings created by me, Chiara Baratello, and my sister Giovanna. We always liked to give life to new accessories and wear them on special occasions. Every time one of us wore an earring, a great response from friends and colleagues was immediately generated. In one of the many days of ordinary madness, we tried to make some of them and create an Instagram account to give them some visibility. We got a lot of approval and this encouraged us to found our own brand. At the end of 2019, Cinque55 was born: it is not a real birth, but a rebirth. Cinque55 is the relaunch of the project founded by our mother a few years earlier: on a day at the end of summer, a summer not particularly exciting for both of us, we looked into each other’s eyes and thought “why not?”. We put ourselves in the game by creating high jewelry creations entirely handmade with a modern touch, which allows their adaptability to any type of outfit.

The naming “Cinque55” goes back to the Venetian origins of the brand and represents a lagoon way of saying to express the perfect style of a person who dresses up and doesn’t leave any detail to chance.

The craftsmanship, tradition and uniqueness are, in fact, the strengths of our brand: the jewels are unique pieces, entirely handmade. The idea behind this project is based on the fact that the accessory must be as unique as the woman who wears it. It must complete the look making it unconventional and precious, original and refined: the Cinque55 earring that the client chooses will be hers and hers alone, an exclusive accessory perfectly customized according to her style. Last winter the first photographic project, then the collaboration with ottod’Ame, and many orders during the lockdown for the summer months. New projects are in the pipeline and in the future who knows, maybe an e-commerce of our own!


Starting from the concept that each of our products is unique and adaptable to the style of the wearer, we have created a collection that we have called PERSONALITIES.

Life is never linear: there are up moments and down moments. Successes and small failures. Sometimes we feel sensual, sometimes absolutely insecure. On many occasions we are determined and gritty. Faced with other events, we find ourselves small and intimidated. But it is always us. With our frailties or in our craziest moments, it is we who manage our moods. That’s why we have created an earring for every kind of personality we find ourselves living with during our lives. And we represented this collection through a campaign in which we tried to bring out, from one person, all these different ways of being. It was a lot of fun.


Never be afraid to show the thousand faces of you, your thousand personalities. The ordinary is boredom. It is in moments of madness that the best ideas can be born!

Image courtesy of Cinque55.

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