Antonio D’Addio

Milan / Italy


I come from humanistic studies that have founded the foundations of my creative research. Since childhood I’m close to drawing and at the same time to the digital world and in fashion I found the most complete area where artistic territories of my interest could coexist and be tackled and pursued (video art, illustration, digital graphics, photography) . My training path has thus been realized in Fashion Design at the IED Institute in Milan. In June 2017 my collection was selected to show during the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, winning the “Franza Sozzani 2017 award” instituted by IED and Sara Sozzani Maino (Head of Vogue Talents). I continued my journey with a scholarship that in August allowed me to fly to Silycon Valley, California. In October I presented my first audiovisual installation in Venice and in the same days I won “VOGUE ITALIA: IQOS MASTER STYLE” which allowed me to collaborate as graphic designer for Philip Morris International. Today I set my goal to investigate new ways of colliding different artistic languages through new technologies.


The core of the project focuses on the utility value that the absence, understood as lack, emptiness and defect, possesses in power. “D’UTILE ASSENZA” is the vision of an emptiness that can itself be a decisive key, rather than an infectious agent. Absence thus becomes Resilience. From a subjective analysis, the question has turned into an objective one: “What is the greatest lack that my generation suffers, the generation Y, in this historical moment?”.

This void in my vision is identified today in the absence of the human being, for the human being himself. Human contact filtered by illusory places and individualistic dynamics has become increasingly latent. Progress has simultaneously insinuated a feeling of loneliness and alienation into the collective consciousness. The collection is charged with the attempt to recount, stimulate and suggest reconstruction possibilities in the relationship between human beings through different modalities.


One of my favorite writers recites in the enclosure of one of his novels: “Our great blue world looks like a house of leaves, a few moments before the wind”.

Image courtesy of Antonio D’Addio.

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