Anna Dorian

Venice / Italy


Understanding of being a designer, quickly enough and deciding to throw myself completely into projects and collections has been therapeutic for me. It’s the first thing I have to say. Doing what I do, first of all makes me feel good, sit at my desk and work makes me really happy when maybe I’m not at all, then obviously at a later time will be my future (or present) profession.I passed the first two years of Polimoda to know me, I had a fairly precise idea of who I was in person, but not who I was as a designer. Having done the “Liceo Classico”, and not having applied in design particularly before, at the beginning I did not know how to literally hold a pencil in my hand. Then style arrived, with style I mean what characterizes you personally as creative; I do not know exactly where, maybe I’ve always had it and at some point it came out, maybe I built it from nothing by itself, or a little bit both. Now I can not be different from that, whatever I decide to do at the end always follows a certain characteristics, mine, at some point I found it a bit frustrating, the fact of not being able to be more versatile, now I think that’s okay.One of my teachers during an exam told me “You could not even show up so much, I can see from a kilometer that you are, that the project is yours, you do not even need to read the name”. For me it is all a matter of being recognizable, because what you do will please to thousand people and be horrified by the same number, but the most important thing is that it is different from anything else they can see around. It’s not easy, but I try. However, I do not really call myself Anna Dorian, and I was born in Venice on May 11th.


The collection is essentially a protest. The forms of the leaders follow the various stages of the melting of an iceberg, referring to the problem of climate change, which is one thing we should all interface with and become aware of, everyone, including the president of the United States, Donald Trump who also continues to deny that this represents a problem. Through the graphics and techniques of processing materials I try to give voice to the animals, who are the first to suffer the consequences of this disaster. So, STOP FUCKING WITH MY ANIMALS AND MY PLANET!


They will teach you not to shine, and you shine instead (it’s not mine, is it okay?) 

Image courtesy of Anna Dorian.

Photo: Gabriele Rosati

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