Andrea Lo Maglio

Milan / Italia


“Come on try Instagram, you’ll see it’s interesting and you’ll like it”. That’s what they told me “Come on try Instagram, you’ll see it’s interesting and you’ll like it”. This is what they told me before downloading the app that everyone knows by now. I played with it and understood that I had no desire to photograph my plate of pasta with basil placed ad hoc, or the cake of my birthday. But I understood, or rather sensed, how fascinated I was by images. From their stories, colors, black and white, subjects. I had a cell phone, it seemed more than enough, I had Milan around me, I had trips waiting for me, but most of all: I had curious eyes. I started walking a lot around the city and shooting with an iPhone 7 Plus, I discovered editing, contrasts, curves, raw files and I was completely enveloped by the world of street photography. I wanted to see and steal, take with me, never asking permission, letting everything take its course regardless of my presence.  Time brought the first publications and the iPhone turned into my beloved Fuji mirrorless.

Today photography is not my job but it is a great love that, before being in my pocket or hanging around my neck, is in my eyes. A more mature gaze that has had the opportunity to leaf through books, learn about sources and masters and that is as curious and voyeur as in front of my first click.


Three names above all: Bruce Gilden, Joel Myerowitz, Garry Winogrand. Today they are masters, almost classics for me.

I have seen and reviewed their photos many times. I don’t think many technicalities are needed to describe their greatness: they simply achieved the purpose for which they took the photo. They found the character, they captured the situation, they stopped the gesture, and they mixed all of this with the shade of color that would delight the viewer’s sensibilities or with the black and white that would be able to add that “drama” necessary to strike. The names I’ve mentioned are surely the most well-known, but I can’t help but include Matt Stuart in my short list: the irony he manages to find in the streets and his quickness to capture it strike me every time.

Attached is my project that explores the female universe: it’s called XX.


Ouch, my pill is not mine but stolen, like a shot at a stranger: “People are the greatest show on earth and you don’t even have to pay to see it.” I swallow this Charles Bukowsky pill every time I go out with my room. It sums up the pleasure I take in watching, letting it flow, and observing. Humanity is a wonderful catalog of forms, events and characters and I want to take it.

Image courtesy of Andrea Lo Maglio.

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