Andrea Grossi

Florence / Italy


My name is Andrea Grossi, I am 24 years old, I come from Reggio Emilia and I am currently working on the creation of my brand with my own studio in Florence. I graduated in graphic design and fashion design at Polimoda. Since childhood I’ve been passionate about anime, manga, video games and the idea of creating characters. So from the age of 6/7 years I started to be passionate about drawing and figurative art. At the age of 14, I chose to attend graphic design high school in my hometown where I graduated in 2015. The following October I enrolled in the four-year fashion design course at Polimoda where I discovered my true passion and where for the first time I dedicate myself totally to my goals and dreams. During my school career I get some awards such as Isko Design Award 2018 and Mados Injection Fashion Show in Vilnius in 2019. I graduate in June 2019 with the welcome to DeusLand collection that shows at the Supernature show of Polimoda during Pitti Uomo. After a short period in Diesel and some important collaborations such as Vogue, Achille Lauro, Tommycash, Allure magazine and Nicola Formichetti, I decided to take a path as an independent designer. A few days after my decision I’m told that I’ve been selected as a finalist for the 35th edition of the Hyeres festival in France, where I’m going to parade in October with the first collection of my brand.


How will man have to be in the near future to move forward and face the difficult problems that are on the way, such as climate change, the crisis of the political system and capitalism? The real inspiration for this collection is the trilogy of books by Yuval Noah Arari, in particular Homo Deus, which tells us what direction our society is going in and what are the really crucial issues we should address.

This departure is translated into a collection that explores themes such as the growth of mankind through biotechnology, the creation of a superior man Homo Deus. Prints that address the problem of our capitalistic/liberal system, if it will be able to face this new society in which the human being realizes that he is simply a set of very complex algorithms and one day perhaps an algorithm created by himself will be able to overcome it. Fabrics that explore the various possibilities that companies have to be sustainable and low environmental impact, and the usual question if our capitalist system will be able to face this imminent climate crisis. All these issues are surrounded by an imagery that is based on my deepest background and creates synergies between current events and imaginary worlds of video games and manga.
The strongest emotion remains that of being able to create a real character and not just clothing.


Let’s say that I don’t feel ready to give people lucidity pills or advice yet since I’m still at the beginning of my journey, in fact I would probably really need lucidity pills to deal with some situations. The only truth that I believe in is that each of us has a limited amount of time in every activity we do, from work to relationships, and we should stop and ask ourselves what we really want to do with our time and our lives, reflecting and making decisions that make us really happy, or at least try to do so. When a person is young and unattached I believe this is the only real advice: if you really believe in something you can find all out for yourself

Image courtesy of Andrea Grossi.

Art Direction & Photo: Azazel, Styling: Lavinia Feliziani

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