Anahita Matin

Venezia / Italia


I was born in Tehran in 1985, I belong to the post-revolutionary Iranian and post- war generation. I have always looked for new ideas and desire for change. My passion for the art world made me choose the University of Art and Architecture in Tehran. In these frist university years I began to get more and more interested in clothes and their power to affirm the character of a person. With the policies of the new government a new code of customs was imposed that was contrary to Westernization, so the shops offered dark, equal garments. But I wanted color and diversity and I started designing clothes for myself. Thus the idea of becoming a designer was born. In 2005, I launched the MatinDesign brand with my sister. Work began to get serious and I felt the need to understand more and I decided to specialize in fashion, so I came to Italy and enrolled at the fashion design faculty at IUAV. My work is  still  divided between Italy and Iran and in 2016, always with my sister, now my partner, we have opened a second brand, A2bymatin.


3434 km, It is the distance between Tehran and Venice. My research starts from the eighties. I told my project through the personality of a small group of friends who, like me, moved from Teheran to Venice, in search of personal evolution. Each outfit is designed from the person who wearing it.

There is the musician, the waiter, the designer, the artistic director, the painter, the artist, the architect and finally, Ahmed, one of the owners of the “Orient Experience” in Venice. He is the key to the project. He wears a Saharan and carries a bag, symbols of his journey. Classic masculine fabrics of western fashion come together with the “chador” and the “kapanak” (shepherds’ dress) telling experiences, identities and melancholy.


Go for long walks, observe people and meditate. Listen to the stories of my friends and look at photos of the past. Keep up with the world by leafing through newspapers, magazines, watching fashion and art exhibitions.

Image courtesy of Anahita Matin.

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