Amin Ajdari

Milan / Italy


My name is Amin Ajdari I am from Tehran. I born in 10th September 1988. As I remember from young ages, art was my passion. before I came to Milano I passed some interesting courses. such as photography, silkscreen, and graphic design. After that, I decided to complete my education. When I was in Tehran I always liked to use my creativity to make something new. Sometimes I made videos, sometimes sculptures and sometimes I did graphics.
 So I came to Milan but this time I wanted to learn something more professional. I decided to study fashion design at IED. During this three years in IED, I learned much more about art. design and of course fashion.


I choose three subjects from Iran for my last collection which is for women and it is related to my theses that I define it like:

Iranian shepherds: lifestyle, coverage and the message of the coverage
Iranian constructers: the old and beautiful buildings.
Lack of liberty for the woman’s wear

By the combination of this tree subjects, I wanted to create a new concept. Which is: by using the men’s forgetting coverage as a power, and by using the beautiful and architectural forgotten buildings, and by using the problem of the woman (seems she is forgetting her freedom). 
I like to pass the lines like a shepherd who should go out of the village to show his coverage to the urban people to accept his clothes, to renewing the old building to be seen and a woman who should across the sadness border to be free.
 So I named this collection BEHIND THE BORDERS.


I see something in painting or people lifestyle or some subjects and etc….then I think about how can I use it as a dress or how can I transform it into something wearable. The angles and the forms are always interesting for me and I try to use them in my works. The contrast and the ability to use it is always my challenge.

Image courtesy of Amin Ajdari.

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