Alex Ballarin

Venice / Italy


I born In 1990, in the province of Venice, After after the high school, I decided to studies marketing at “Cà Foscari” University in Venice, a path that is soon to be particularly demanding and difficult to handle emotionally. During the studies, I also worked in the marketing office of a car dealer, my work experience has been extremely formative in the organizational profile, despite this, given my dissatisfaction, after about two years, I decided to go back and make my passion for the fashion world a job, so I joined the fashion design course at the IUAV University of Venice, where I learned the beauty of the university and the pleasure of to study with a critical sense a discipline for which there is a strong interest and passion. During the first semester of the third year I did an internship in the product department of Lucio Vanotti, an extremely educational experience that made me know the fashion system, especially the Italian one with Milan at the center of the creative process. At the moment I’m working in the style office of Boglioli SpA, a fashion house with a rich tailoring tradition mainly for man.


“Internet Sensation” is the final collection presented for the Fashion Design Laboratory 5 conducted by Professor Arthur Arbesser.The research phase of this project was done directly on site, Milan is the ideal environment in which my characters have been inserted, a city that I myself lived with unexpected curiosity during my stage experience by Lucio Vanotti . Reflection refers to the banquets of the ‘80s, the visitors of Piazza San Babila who through the’ logo ‘showed that they could access certain consumer dynamics. At the same time, this situation is reappearing, but today’s sandwich replaced the royal square with the virtual one: Instagram.

My research has led me to develop a man’s collection, which has also become a woman in the evolutionary stage. Classic fabrics and knitwear, typical of the Italian manufacturing tradition, have been fitted with technical prints all over, which reinforce the concept of ‘logo’ and ‘optical’ dating back to the world’s 80s graphic atmospheres. project is a revision in the ironic key of the ‘Postal Market’ magazine where the vip on the cover is replaced by a social addicted, @ecce___homo.


I have a strong interest in research, I love fashion magazines, art and design, and I like to attend exhibitions, situations where I often reflect to develop the creative process of my projects. I will be very careful about the modeling and to the details that make the garments unique, I think a lot about the internal construction, often left in sight. What is important to me is the development of knitwear that from my point of view is crucial to incorporate into a collection, working with yarn and then getting to finished garments is a very satisfying and extremely interesting experimentation process.

Image courtesy of Alex Ballarin.

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