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TEODORA: Born in 1993, I grew up between Rome and London. I now live in Milan, where for the past year I have worked in the curatorial team of Hangar Bicocca. Jewelry has been one of my earliest fascinations, in particular the malleability of the materials and how we attach a personal value to each owned piece. In 2017, after completing a master in contemporary art theory at Goldsmiths University, I moved back to Italy where Lucrezia and I started collaborating on our first project: an artist residency. Our synergy and open communication made it natural to create 15A STUDIO, a project which merges our passions and takes its name from Lucrezia’s studio in Rome.

LUCREZIA: I’m a visual artist born (1993) and raised in Rome. I graduated from a BA in Sculpture in the Fine Arts Academy of Rome and then moved to London to do a master in Photography and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins. My practice develops across drawing, video installation and photography researching on the sphere of intimacy, sexuality and desire. In 2018 I moved to Barcelona where I started a jewellery course and my first collection G-maps was born. Coming from a sculptural  background, I always perceived my work in three dimensions and jewellery for me – shaping metal and using fire! – was the perfect encounter between drawing and sculpture. I now live and work between Lisbon and Mexico City.


We wouldn’t define it as our collection. We collaborate with a selection of creatives (artists, musicians, designers) to create unique pieces. 

15A STUDIO is rooted into the collaborative process and how it evolves. We start by selecting the work of someone we love – most of the artists are completely new to jewellery and we are interested in the challenges it might present – together we think about how their practice could translate into a jewellery piece and once the final design is ready we hand-craft it with the support of a professional goldsmiths. However we do like to keep it simple, we like the idea that you can wear it everyday.

Each piece – thought of and designed by the artist and closely curated by us – carries a story. Our first collaboration G-maps (by Lucrezia de Fazio) is a response to our current condition of physical disconnection and takes its shape from a chosen google maps itinerary, therefore it is strictly custom-made! The collection of rings and bracelets 120 MY (by Miguel Sbastida) is created from a cast of original coral fossils and by purchasing a piece you directly donate to the Reef Renewal Foundation. While our latest collaboration This or That (by the collective GB Group) is a chaos decision adviser: a ring with a golden coin (for this first edition the coin portrays Pope Wojtyla and Rasputin, representing a controversial good and bad) that can be tossed if you are torn between two choices. 


For a fleeing enemy, bridges of gold.

Everything is smoke and wind, except for gold and silver!

Image courtesy of 15A STUDIO.

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