Vie di accesso Fashion at IUAV 2021

2nd July, 2021. 

We meet at 8.45 p.m. in Venice – after a one-year interruption – at the entrance of the university headquarters of the Cotonificio, Dorsoduro 2196, to attend the new edition of Fashion at IUAV 2021. As every year, at the end of the lectures, the Bachelor’s degree course in Fashion Design and the Master’s degree course in Fashion present the best collections of the undergraduates coordinated by Christian Pellizzari and Francesco Mottola for the Bachelor’s degree course and by Fabio Quaranta and Simone Rossi for the Master’s degree course.

This year’s edition of Fashion at IUAV is entitled Vie di accesso: an expression that Maria Luisa Frisa, director of the three-year Fashion Design degree course, defines as a welcoming message, a suggestion.Vie di accesso suggests the infinite possibilities the school offers its students: the network of relationships, the school offers its students: the network of relationships, the trajectories that outline directions and dot places to venture into.

In the year of the pandemic the school was closed for a long time and inaccessible for teaching. In the wake of this period, which has revolutionised the everyday life of each of us, which has transformed us and made us more sensitive to the possibility of crossing doors boundaries and barriers, IUAV wants to celebrate the school as an open territory, on the move, always and in any case. The collections of the show made us feel passion, desire, discipline, talent, innovation. We have decided to highlight five of them. For the BA collections, we would like to highlight: Davide Scotta with “Await” and Giovanni Parma “OVERLOAD”: tailored collections, using knitwear and with interesting volumes. For the MA, we would like to point out: Isabella Marsella with “bye bye staple! <3", Gianmarco Mussi with “Io” and Daniele Paonessa with “Contemporanea”: collections with lots of modern and colourful knitwear, tailored and modelled in an innovative way!

This 2021 edition will be a very intimate one, with a small group ofwith a small group of people in attendance, by invitation, and with the Graduation Show streamed on 


Photo: Giovanni Borga

Testo: Giulia Betti