Under The Light

June 24, 2018

In an early summer afternoon, the sun is still high when we arrive at the appointment for this special event that will unveil the 10 best collections of the designers of the Marangoni Institute for the year 2018.

In a surreal atmosphere because despite the sun, we are catapulted into a location that seems to break the time. The “black hole” is The Mall in Milan, which transports us to another dimension made of light, a new, alien light that has never touched us. The concept of the Marangoni event also carries the title of “Under the Light”.

We are introduced into the structure and after a few minutes waiting, black curtains, revealing the first “new world”. 42 “creatures” on display, a special exhibition dedicated to 21 students who have concluded, their course of study. 42 creations that coexist in this limbo without space and time. We remain enthralled by the work of Donato David D’Alessio, his incredible use of the materials translated into perfectly structured garments, Bianca Beltramello for the contrast of his prints and Yushan Duan, for its risky and detailed cloths.

A few more minutes of waiting and darkness, until finally the show with the 10 best collections of students in fashion design of the institute begins. We will tell you our favorites. Wenqian Tan, with its total white outfits, redraws the rules of the practice without any fear. It seems that the elements are repeated in a pattern of apparent normality, a perturbing normality, such as the shoulder piece made up of more straps and sleeves. 

Even Qingyun Chen, draws and illuminates a new path, her garments are partly made from reflective material. Zhenye Liu instead creates an incredibly harmonious link between nature and artifice, between impalpable materials and heavy fabrics. He puts pleated clouds at the feet of his models. Luca Daniele, rediscovered femininity that does not disdain hazardous cuts, unstructured classic garments, without obscuring the strong and resolute nature of his women. We are in love with the incredible workmanship of Alejandra Rendon Felix last garment: with lace and frills, in white and red.

After the “finale” of designers and models, we incur a pleasant surprise: a wire cage opens and reveals a “window” on a further reality. In one screen there are images of the works created by the students of Product, Interior and Visual Design courses of the Istitute. Among all Arthur Roth Le Gentil unveils his ORBIT, an interactive convertible furniture. Instead, we feel like travelers who have just “orbited” around multiple dimensions. To bring us back to reality, there is the Dj Sol Begino (@ sol.begino), with whom we start the party. We feel ‘like Donnie Darko when he wakes up in his bed and can not stop too laugh despite the future, pressing, around the corner … Do you Remember?


Photo collections: Istituto Marangoni

Text edited and Polaroid by: Deborah Parcesepe @iamnoootdeborah