June 21st, 2021

Milan 21st June, opens today at Spazio Lulli (via Lulli 28, Milan) the first edition of TOOLS, a platform of events dedicated to themes revolving around art, design, craft, and industry. 

This first edition is in collaboration with the Florentine project of DADSIT.

Born in 2019, DADSIT (Designer Archive Digital Store), is gaining a recognizable space in the sphere of support for emerging designers and brands. An activity tailored to the designer’s needs, personality and project; DADSIT offers itself as a complete interface in the services of model creation, sampling, and production, up to communication and sales services, representing a place of exchange and a tool of transition between school and industry, between craft and serial objects, between experimentation and circulation in the social and economic sphere.

Within the framework of SPAZIO LULLI, Leonardo Persico, Valentina Rixo and Thais Brandao will give life to the garments proposed by DADSIT. The garments, which will also be on sale, will be accompanied by installations that tell their story, creation, and tools, in the unique and singular expressive modes of the three Milanese creatives, whose work ranges from styling to performance to art. 

These ideas will be compared and could not find a more congenial environment than that offered by the TOOLS platform and a multidisciplinary and multifunctional space such as SPAZIO LULLI.

The event is open to professionals, artisans, creatives, students, and anyone who wants to share their time, ideas, and knowledge and will be open until 11 July, in the Loreto/Casoretto area of Milan.

Text: FARMA 282 editorial team