Supernature Polimoda Show 2019

12th  June , 2019

It is again the Manifattura Tabacchi, with its rationalist architecture to host the Polimoda “Supernature” Fashion Show. Why Supernature?

SUPERNATURE as a dualism between craftmanship and technology (technology) that has always characterized the history of humanity. A concept that starts from the definition of techne, the Greek term divine personification of art, translated over the centuries as “ars”, “technique”, “know-how”. It contains the ability to use tools, the artisan ability to transform nature into a product, but also the art of knowing how to create beauty, which make human beings unique in the animal kingdom. Primitive technologically more advanced beings, in the perennial contradiction between nature and technology, between past and future, art and science.

The best collections of Fashion Design students were shown in front of a prestigious international jury composed of twenty-two representatives of each branch of the fashion sector, from Editor-in-Chief of Hypebeast Arby Li to the top model and activist Lea T, from the Chief Marketing Officer Alexander McQueen Paolo Cigognini at the Tutoring & Consulting Director of Pitti Immagine Luca Rizzi, from the founder of ASVOFF Diane Pernet to the Global Executive Director of Karla Otto Alexander Werz, called to elect The Best Collection of 2019.

On a catwalk illuminated by evocative projections through the windows of the industrial spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi and on the notes of a soundtrack played on the iconic piece Supernature by Cerrone, twenty-two collections debuted, selected with the contribution of the legendary Creative Director Alber Elbaz who he assisted as a special guest the selection of the finalists together with the Course Mentor Sara Kozlowski.

ach designer presented six outfits, the ultimate synthesis of a reached creative maturity that marks the transition from students to designers.

Among all, the jury chose the Tuscan menswear collection by Francesco Malandrini “HERD” who won the title of The Best Collection of 2019.

The designers are Giulia Baratti (Italy), Violetta Bretschneider (Germany), Manuel Calabrese (Italy), Yada Fei (China), Niccolò Fontanelli (Italy), Siria Giampietro (Italy), Benedetta Giannessi (Italy), Andrea Grossi (Italy) , Miaomiao Jia (China), Kyungdeok Kim (South Korea), Angelina Kriventsova (Russia), Ketty Lin (Italy), Giorgio Matteo Lorusso (Italy), Francesco Malandrini (Italy), Benedetta Marcucci (Italy), Ambra Meineri (Italy ), Giacomo Nasi (Italy), Mirea Papotto (Italy), Valentine Tinchant (Belgium) and Ting Xiong (China).

Farma282 selected three students: our favorites and we present them to you in order of release.

The first is that of Niccolò Fontanelli with his “Bring me back to Brambly Hedge”: in this collection he mixes the memory and childhood represented by “Brambly Hedge” with being adults staged by a businessman dressed with details of embroidery and knitwear to remain open-mouthed.

The second place goes to Claudia Novara who with her “A Cialoma” draws inspiration from the “Mattanza” of her island of origin, Favignana. Combine everything with the kimono by magically combining Sicily with Japan.

Miaomiao Jia with “Body deconstruction or body reconstruction?” Speaks of the homeless: they are forced to travel and move from place to place to survive, their luggage becomes an integral part of their body. A knitwear collection based on shapes, colors and silhouettes.


Photo curtesy of Polimoda

Text curated by Giulia Betti