Fashion @ IUAV 2017

Venezia / Italia @iuav_moda

A high net divides the sea from the cemented road. Behind the industrial buildings. We are in the area in front of the “Magazzini Ligabue”; This is the new space chosen for Fashion at IUAV 2017, the graduation show of the best students of the three-year and master course of IUAV University. Not far from where the students are used to going every day for lessons. Another novelty, the title: “The Innocence of the Wall”, which evokes the genuine intention of starting a path that is far from simple and needs courage. The challenge is perceived, crooked and “stoned”, like this setting where, beyond the sea, there is a timid “Serenissima”.

We arrive at 8 pm and are immediately welcomed by Maria Luisa Frisa, the Director of the Degree Course in Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts. We are accompanied to our place, ready to find out what will be the names of the designers who have worked under the artistic direction of Mario Lupano, Cristina Zamagni, Veronika Allmayer-Beck and Arthur Arbesser.

With a bit of delay, the show finally start, which opens with a project devoted entirely to shirts, on the occasion of the anniversary of two great Italian textile factory: Albini and Xacus. The workshop is curated by the designer Carlo Contrada.

After that, the catwalk opens with the collections of BA graduates, and we focus on the dresses of Leonardo Cossu, who with his “Last Day of Spring” proposes, a naif look that actually tastes almost nostalgic: the “ Traces “of the motif print mixed with the plush and look back to college.

Urban and popular, as the title suggests “Internet Sensation”, is the collection of Alex Ballarin. A social search for profiles and personalities that the designer dresses and exalts with a purple, blue and orange color palette, nude knitwear and men’s jackets adapted to be feminine. “Sehnsucht” by Alessandro Acciai reveals the complexity of sobriety, his looks on white and sandy colors with light fabrics, tell the power of simplicity, exemplified in the orange dress, diamond tip of the collection. We have Attilio Doria and her black masks, cynical and nihilistic, but dressed impeccably, wrapped in their classic dark long coats, with timeless charm.

His collection is called “Minimal Immorality”. To close the fashion show of the BA the live dj-set of Codalunga.

At late evening starts the show of the MA students and we are pleasantly provoked and seduced by Giovanni Nordio and Gregorio Nordio. “Tribalitalia” shows us not only an extremely elaborate collection, with some formatted and shaped shapes of heads and elements of recovery, but also a parade of figures and caricatures that in some outfits become one with television culture and political characters of Italy.

Perhaps the wall has been demolished, surely it will not be the last. But perseverance and time has always been a key very important in fashion and here everything seems to say, we are ready for every obstacle.