Everywhere, here, nowhere Marangoni Firenze Fashion e Art Show

17th June, 2022

In Florence, the Art-Fashion alliance is popular, during Pitti week even more. Istituto Marangoni Firenze presented “Everywhere, here, nowhere” the end-of-year fashion show that took place in an otherworldly dimension, between the real and the digital. The Marino Marini Museum, hosted the event where the projects of the Best Multimedia Artists and the Best Fashion Designers of the year were celebrated, sanctioning the increasingly strong link between Art and Fashion. The catwalk is a path through the sculptural works of Marino Marini and through the nave of the former church, now deconsecrated but remaining architecturally faithful to its structure. In this evocative dimension, video installations and augmented reality artwork by Multimedia Arts students Noemi Messina, Adan Flores, Amane Aoyama and Marcella Olivieri interact with the creations of the best Fashion Design students, selected by an important jury.

This is the most international selection that Istituto Marangoni Firenze has ever made, so in order of release the ten Fashion Designers: Urtè Ilginyté, XingXing Su, Montserrat Macias Cervello, Lydia Schneider, Ahijin Shim, Sana Kirshna, Laetitia Wen, Nicola De Piano, Lucrezia Veltroni, Alejandra Martine De Castro. The collections were accompanied by a series of projection mappings on the walls of the museum, generated by artificial intelligence: flowers, natural elements, landscapes and abstract images give life to places that only exist where reality and digital perspective meet. The rhythm of the show was marked by the soundtrack created by sound designer Emiliano Zelada, artist and Tutor at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

FARMA 282 selected three designers. Urtè Ilginyté, amidst hand-made knitwear, technical fabrics and Baltic Sea wood, projects us into an intimate and hi-tech reality; XingXing Su, an explosion of flowers, amidst 3D pen technology and the tradition of haute couture; Lucrezia Veltroni in her typical 80s citationism, made of colours and seduction, brings to mind games of volume and iconic draping.


Foto: Istituto Marangoni Firenze

Testo: Maria Virginia Benventuti