October 24, 2018

In these days, while the modern Auditorium of Renzo Piano hosts the Rome Film Festival, in the historic location of Palazzo Altemps (contextualized in a sphere of events organized for the largest manifestation of Videocittà) has taken life the tenth edition of ASVOFF – A Shaded View On Fashion Films, the review created by Diane Pernet, which opens a light on the panorama of short and long movies related to fashion, with a refined and critical selection of the most interesting projects.

The criterion is quality, which brings together the presence of international names such as John Malkovich, Casey Spooner, Michelle Lamy, to young directors, thanks to the contest launched for the occasion “My personal love affair with Rome”, in addition to a section dedicated to students.

A declaration of love to the city that hosts us is a choral voice, brought not only in the themes, but also by the historical fashion house Bvlgari that supports and sponsors the event, curated in this edition by Alessio De’Navasques.

The evening of the opening, the designer Pam Hogg welcomes us with a Djset that unleashes and already sends us the message: “Be free, have fun, be yourself”, which is the spirit of these three days.

In the projection room, the contrast created by the golden stuccos and the Renaissance frescoes of the vaulted ceiling, which are bathed in the electric acid-colored light of the screen, already gives a certain shiver.

OUT OF COMPETITION, open: “A.K.A. Susan Bottomly “, a documentary reconstruction of the life of the model International Velvet, work of the photographer Michel Haddi, which brings us back to the Warhol Factory in a black & white that also characterizes his “Stephane Ferrara Portrait”, portrait of the homonymous actor and boxers. The boxing ring is also the field of “The fight” by Douglas Keeve, who returns to color and stages a battle between the sexes. “Stranger Strange” continues the speech celebrating the omoloving, with this video clip of the photographer Rinaldo Sata for the single of Fischerspooner.

A SPECIAL SCREENING gives us three films directed by John Malkovich for Bella Freud, the designer and great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. Three films that are able to fully enhance the different styles of the collections and make us literally fall in love with the female universe, putting on stage with irony and truth the thousand facets. They talk about sex, freedom and personal power: “Hideous Man”, in a political circle of rebellious females, dreamers and fighters, “Lady Behave”, at a very funny label course, “Strap Hanging” on a vintage bus, where the only male representative becomes object and subject of the attentions of the unforgettable walkways.

The triad seems a suggestion for women to become aware of their enormous power, as bearers of passions and ideals, determination, fueled by a tragic and epic spirit and the desire to love, but also want to have fun, to play, to conquer , to fly over the world and to understand and illuminate the male world.

In the “special” area we also find a selection of shorter but all intense and communicative fashion films, curated by GRAY Magazine, directed by Valentina Ilardi. A meaningful vision then with, “MYTH (O) MANIAC” by Gianluca Matarrese. Where the existential realities of two artists, Casey Spooner and drag queen Violet Chachki, dialogue with their respective public figures.

In the DOCUMENTARIES category, “Make / Believe” by Konstantinos Menelaou tells us how, inspired by a vision, A Gentleman Blogger’s man, Matthew Zorpas, has become one of the world’s most influential web personalities and creative consultant.

Uninvited” by the director Mattia Colombo tell us the life of Marcelo Burlon, fashion designer and artist who made his space in the world of fashion arriving without reservation from a corner of Patagonia. “Life of a Young Model” highlights the experience of the inseparable twins Jacobo and Nicolas Solis Vela. “Can not Nobody Else Love You” by Ivan Olita, takes us into the lives of 9 boys, trying to make their way in the controversial NYC, fighting with their inner dramas.

CONVERSATIONS are also moments of deepening and special interest.

Monica Brannetti, archivist of Bvlgari, talks with the expert in fashion history Clara Tosi Pamphili, with the critic Marco Giusti and the producer Valerio De Paolis, making us relive the brilliant years of the starsystem, the film Boom and de La Dolce Vita, when the actresses imposed the jewels of the historic maison.

With the Asian model Rila Fukushima, we talk about how the idea of ​​beauty has changed in the contemporary: no longer the search for perfection, but an idea of ​​different femininity, out of the trend. We talk about what it is to be artists, the differences between being a model and being an actress.

The emergence of the personality is appreciated in the fashion film, which the dress goes to confirm, while it is often emphasized the tendency to absorb the models by the clothes they wear, in fashion photography.

With the artist Scarlett Rouge, it is a dialogue between the union and the dichotomies of the contemporary art world and that of fashion. Whatever its language and its way of expressing it, the purity of soul of the artist who devotes himself to his passion without reserve, is the true treasure to be safeguarded and that carries on these two wonderful hemispheres. The threat instead is the fast fashion, who promotes it and who is the victim, who makes art and fashion with the wallet and not with the heart.

The creatives who carry out their research, without being eaten by industry, are the value to be protected, the fire that never goes out.

I would like to close with a personal consideration, that ASVOFF gives me a good lesson and I reopen a closed door. I had to moved away from fashion because of its tendency to stay on the surface and so I approached the cinema, in search of depth of content.

I found here a sensitivity and integrity of aspirations, dreams, desires , a truly powerful creative force. I realize that the appearance is found so much in the world of cinema as in fashion, but when the artists, get to work on, they bring out the truth, like this stories born, images, emotions come out and this edition, of those emotions, was full.

Prizes awarded during the closing ceremony by a jury composed of names from art, cinema and fashion. The model and chef Cuba Tornado Scott, the artist Pierre Bismuth, the curator of the Italian pavilion at the upcoming Venice Biennale Milovan Farronato and the actor Alessandro Roja.

And the winners are:

The “My personal love affair with Rome” award was given to Jeff Bark for his film “The Epicurean“.

During the closing ceremony, 3 ASVOFF GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD were awarded for Italy:

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for Journalism – Angelo Flaccevento

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for retail Federico Marchetti, YOOX / Net-a-Porter

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci

The prices of ASVOFF 10 assigned in Paris last week are:

Stuck Inside by Alec Davis, USA

(Student Prize per Premiere Heure & Best emerging talent)

Stella by Adele Bouvier, FR

(ASVOFF + Kids of the banlieue)

Sgualdrina for GCDS by Nadia Lee Cohen, IT

(Best styling)

Black for Nowness by Isaac Lock, UK

(Beauty Prize)

The postman dreams 2 for Prada by Autumn De Wilde, USA

(Best Advertising)

The great newman for Stella Mc Cartney by Suzie and Leo, FR

(Best acting)

Women in shadow for Nasim Nasr by Max Homaei, USA/AUS

(Best Editing)

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy for Matches by Matt Lambert, D

(Best sound design)

Our time by Diane Russo, USA

(Best Art Direction)

Glow by Ivan Olita, USA

(Best Cinematography)

Miss Black Germany by Elisha Smith-Leverock, D

(Best Documentary)

Grisha’s guide to Kiev for Nowness by Jordan Blady, UK

(Grand Prix Persol)

Text curated by Ludovica Bargellini @ludovica.babi