15th July, 2022

The Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM), based in Rome and Milan, presented the Fashion Show Talents 2022, under the patronage of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Altaroma, Regione Lazio and Roma Capitale. The fashion show took place in Rome, on 12 July at 10.30 am at the Guido Reni District, Via Guido Reni 7, on the occasion of Altaroma.

The Talents 2022 interprets the synthesis of the First Level Academic Diplomas (DAPL) in Costume and Fashion (CeM) and in Fashion Communication: Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication (FESC), unique training paths that aim to bring out the identity of the students, equipping them with individual and cultural awareness, design skills, technical and product competence, narrative and interpretative skills, experience and professionalism.

The Fashion Show featured the collections of 15 students from the DAPL in Costume and Fashion (CeM) who had the opportunity to collaborate with 30 Made in Italy companies to create 15 capsule collections (6 outfits each). In addition, 3 students of the DAPL in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication (FESC), had the opportunity to create their own magazine, printed and/or digital, and to take care of its editorial and communication strategy.

An important goal, the culmination of three years of study and workshop activities, made possible, as far as DAPL CeM is concerned, thanks to the extraordinary collaboration with some of the best Made in Italy companies (wool and silk textile companies, embroidery, technological and experimental processes, tanneries and shoe factories), which are able to create exclusively for Talents 2022 and based on their designs: wool, silk and jersey jacquards, developments of prints and processes, embroidery, needlework, laser cuts and special finishes. 

Farma 282 selected Chiara Balsamo and Matteo Frontini from the collections on the catwalk.


Photo: Accademia Costume & Moda

Text:  Farma 282 editorial board